Instruction in Reproducible Research: Educational Outcomes

Hosted in collaboration with the Sheffield Methods Institute and the UK Reproducibility Network

About the Symposium

The 2021 TIER Spring Symposium was a ten-part virtual event exploring the educational purposes of teaching students transparent and reproducible methods of quantitative data analysis. Taking a step back from the nuts and bolts of code and software, the Symposium focuses on the diverse ways in which teaching reproducible research methods can reinforce principles that are fundamental to higher education (e.g., the importance of reasoned argument based on verifiable evidence), and contribute to students' broad intellectual development (e.g., gaining confidence in their ability to independently generate meaningful insights into real and important issues).

Keynote presentations were be given by Nicole Janz (International Relations, University of Nottingham) and Nick Horton (Mathematics and Statistics, Amherst College)


This event is now over, however, you may still enjoy the presentations on Youtube!

View the uploaded presentations here:

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