New Exercise: Employment Discrimination Lab

Matthew Platt's reproducibility exercise built on R/RStudio/R Markdown is now available in the Soup-to-Nuts Exercises section of the web site.



Congratulations to Project TIER collaborator Jason McCarley (Oregon State University) and his colleague Yusuke Yamani on the publication of their paper, "Psychometric Curves Reveal Three Mechanisms of Vigilance Decrement." McCarley and Yamani provide all of their research materials on the OSF for scholars to review and reuse.


Teaching Reproducible Research and Open Science Conference

Organized by Aneta Piekut (Sheffield Methods Institute/TIER Executive Committee), Jenni Adams (University of Sheffield Library) and Project TIER, this in-person event features a one-day symposium, a workshop on teaching transparent methods of empirical research, and individual/small group consultations with Project TIER Directors Richard Ball and Norm Medeiros.


YOU ARE INVITED... learn about teaching reproducible methods of quantitative research.

Check out a new paper by four Project TIER collaborators, titled "An Invitation to Teaching Reproducible Research: Lessons from a Symposium." The article synthesizes the lessons that emerged from the spring 2021 symposium on "Teaching Reproducible Research: Lessons from a Symposium", hosted by Project TIER, the Sheffield Methods Institute, and the UK Reproducibility Network.


Announcing: Launch of New TIER Protocol Version 4.0

The 4.0 version of the TIER Protocol provides more advanced guidance on folder structure and working with relative paths to ensure a portable, automatic, and fully replicable project. With a streamlined presentation format, this version of the TIER protocol provides more information and is easier to follow than ever.


TIER is changing the culture of research in the classroom

"Teaching project organization at the start of the course has made it easier for my students to troubleshoot errors, communicate results, and develop good habits for their future careers."

- Jenna Krall, 2017-18 TIER Fellow

TIER is changing the culture of research in the classroom

"This course taught me to make sure I'm always checking in my data analysis scripts as source code into a repository that can be repeated by anyone."

- Gabe Rybeck, Haverford College class of 2016

TIER is changing the culture of research in the classroom

"I require all my students to fully document their data sources and data manipulation... Investing in teaching documentation and coding has very high returns."

- Tomas Dvorak, 2015-16 TIER Fellow

TIER is changing the culture of research in the classroom

"The TIER program has helped me advocate for open science change in my institutional and professional environments."

- Chris Conway, 2019-20 TIER Fellow

TIER is changing the culture of research in the classroom

"All of my students have benefited greatly from having specific guidelines in order to make their research reproducible and transparent."

- David Vera, TIER Executive Committee

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The TIER Network is a forum for exchange of ideas among instructors, researchers, and data support specialists working to integrate transparency and reproducibility into the training of students in quantitative research methods.