Upcoming On-Demand Instructional Sessions

Custom resources to meet your needs

We are happy to deliver custom-designed workshops at interested institutions, or to provide resources to support individuals wishing to host their own. Please be in touch if you could use our help; we would be happy to collaborate with you. Resources are provided at no cost, thanks to our generous supporters. Learn more about the options we offer below.

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Custom-designed workshops

Project TIER's Faculty Development Workshops are designed for college and university educators who are interested in integrating principles of transparency and reproducibility into quantitative methods courses and research training. The workshops introduce participants to methods for conducting and documenting empirical research that ensure the reproducibility of all computational results, and then present a range of pedagogical strategies and curricular resources for teaching these methods to students in a variety of educational settings. TIER is happy to provide custom-designed workshops for interested institutions to meet your unique needs.

Supporting faculty members

We are happy to provide resources to faculty members or other interested individuals interested in hosting their own workshops. We also offer consultation on classroom implementation including course materials, sample exercises, and syllabus development support.

Get in touch

Please be in touch if you could use our help; we would be happy to collaborate with you: