Assistant Professor of Political Science

University of Nottingham

Her research interests include human rights, foreign direct investment, corruption and slavery. Nicole has been a leader in a number of initiatives to promote research transparency. Before taking her position at Nottingham, Nicole taught statistics for social scientists at the Social Sciences Research Methods Centre, University of Cambridge, where she completed her PhD in the Department of Politics and International Studies. While at Cambridge, Nicole created and directed the Cambridge Replication Workshop. She is an ambassador at the Center for Open Science (COS) and a catalyst at the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS). You can follow Nicole on her blog about reproducibility, and on Twitter @polscireplicate.

AS A TIER FELLOW ... Nicole delivered a presentation in January at the 2019 Open Social Science Conference in Mannheim, Germany. Nicole's presentation, co-authored with Jeremy Freese (Stanford University) and entitled "Good and Bad Replications in Political Science: How Replicators and Original Authors (Should) Talk to Each Other," provides insights into how individuals should manage the process of performing and reporting on replications. Video of the presentation is available on YouTube. The slides and paper are also available on the OSSC2019 web site.

Nicole and colleagues Dalson Figueiredo (Federal University of Pernambuco and 2016-17 TIER Fellow) and Rodrigo Lins (past TIER workshop attendee) have a forthcoming paper in the Brazilian Journal of Political Science entitled, "Seven Reasons Why: A User’s Guide to Transparency and Reproducibility."