The TIER Protocol is presented in two main sections:  Specifications and Process.  


The Specifications of the TIER Protocol give a complete description of the replication documentation that should be preserved with your study when you have finished the project.


The Process describes a workflow for data processing and analysis that will help you conduct your research efficiently and transparently, and create replication documentation for your study that meets the TIER Protocol Specifications.

Demo project

This hypothetical research project illustrates the contents and organization of the replication documentation described in the Specifications section of the TIER Protocol.

Open Science Framework

An online file-sharing and research management platform, with a clonable template customized for the TIER Protocol.

TIER Protocol version history

The current version of the TIER Protocol--the one presented on this website--is version 3.0. Information about previous versions of the Protocol is available here.

The DRESS Protocol

A Protocol for documenting professional research in the social sciences.