The demo project available below consists of a "hypothetical" research paper, accompanied by complete replication documentation that meets the standards of the TIER Protocol Specifications.  The paper is "hypothetical" in the sense that it was prepared to provide a brief and user-friendly example of TIER replication documentation, rather than to report on substantive research.  Nonetheless, the results presented in the paper were generated from real data, and the documentation can be used to replicate the data processing and analysis that produced the results.

  • Tip: Using this demo project to learn about the TIER Protocol.

    We suggest you explore this demo project in tandem with the TIER Protocol Specifications: the Specifications give general descriptions of all the components that should be included in the replication documentation for a paper; the demo project provides concrete examples of these components.

    Begin by reading the "Money, Happiness and the Midlife Crisis" paper.

    Then consult the Read Me file included in the demo documentation, and observe that the components of the documentation enumerated in the Read Me file are the same as those described in the TIER Protocol Specifications.  

    As you go on to explore each component of the documentation, compare the particular example provided in the demo with the general guidelines given in the Specifications.

    Finally, try using the replication documentation for the demo project to reproduce the results reported in the paper.  Instructions for the replication are provided in the Read Me file.  Actually conducting the complete replication yourself is an excellent way to reinforce your understanding of the TIER Protocol.