Sam Parsons & Flavio Azevedo

Moderated by: Tom Stafford
Research Practice Lead at University of Sheffield


The Framework for Open and Reproducible Research Training (FORRT) project is interested in the pedagogical aspect of open and reproducible research, and advocates for their integration into higher education. While teachers foster the next generation of Open Scholarship savvy graduates, FORRT seeks to recognise the valuable contribution teachers make to the next generation of open scholarship graduates and build resources to support them. 

We see a unique potential for FORRT as an organised community effort to curate and create educational outcomes of open scholarship reforms, as a pedagogy based route to improve research practices. In this presentation and live discussion, we will demonstrate some of these community led resources:

  • FORRT Educational Nexus, which combines eight distinct initiatives aimed at promoting the integration of open and reproducible science into higher education. 
  • FORRT pedagogies, which shares exemplary instances of teaching open and reproducible research practices, including the valuable pedagogies behind the teaching materials. 

FORRT is an organised community effort to curate and evaluate educational outcomes of open scholarship reforms, as a pedagogy based route to improve research practices. We will use this as a starting point towards a broader discussion of the implications of opening our pedagogies, including: students' understanding of the process of research, teachers' own approaches to mentoring young researchers, and social justice in academia. 

Speaker Bio

Flavio Azevedo

Flavio is a Fulbright fellow and a research associate at Friedrich Schiller University, Germany. Recently, he was named as one of the 100 most influential early career Portuguese via the "Global Shapers" initiative by the World Economic Forum. One of Flavio's main research interests is open and reproducible science, and he co-founded FORRT ( to provide educators with a pathway towards integrating open and reproducible science tenants into higher education. He also investigates the role of ideology in justifying social and economic injustices as well as dispositional and situational processes underlying ideological subscription and its psychology. Twitter: @Flavio_Azevedo_. Website:

Sam Parsons

Sam Parsons is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Department for Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford. His research focuses on adolescent mental health and cognitive-affective processes, with a side-interest in the psychometrics of cognitive measures. He co-founded FORRT, which aims to support educators in the integration of open research practices into their teaching. He also co-founded the ReproducibiliTea Journal Club initiative and chairs the ReproducibiliTea global steering committee.

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