The Open Science Framework (OSF), a product of the Center for Open Science (COS), is an online system that can be used to manage and archive projects in accordance with the TIER Protocol.

We have found the functionality and ease-of-use of the OSF to be ideally suited for the needs of our students, but many other platforms--including GitHub, Google Drive and DropBox--can be used in a similar way. We recommend that students and instructors use whatever tool they find most convenient in their particular circumstances.

We have created a clonable template on OSF that students can use to create a new hierarchy of folders that matches the TIER Protocol Specifications. After cloning the template, students can give the project a new title and description, set permissions to give access to student collaborators and faculty supervisors, and modify the structure of the folders in any way they see fit. While working on their projects, students gradually populate these folders with the various files they construct and assemble for their research, as described in the TIER Protocol Process.

The videos below demonstrate how to clone the TIER template on OSF and how to change the default name and description to something appropriate for the project.

Introduction to the Project TIER 4.0 Protocol Template on OSF

Personalizing a fork of the TIER Protocol 4.0 Template in OSF

Additional information about working with the OSF platform is available on the OSF website.