The Report

The Report is the final document in which you describe your project and present the results of your analysis.

Depending on the nature of the project, the Report could be a complete research paper, a lab exercise, or a homework problem.

  • Adapt the documentation to suit your project

    The principles for documenting statistical research embodied in the TIER Protocol can be applied to a wide range of projects, ranging from simple homework problems to complete research papers, such as theses and dissertations.

    The full TIER Protocol presented here includes all the components of documentation you would assemble for a complete research paper. For less extensive projects, you should simplify or adapt the Protocol to suit your purposes.

Writing the Report

You may use any word processing or typesetting software you like (eg., Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or LaTex) to write the Report.

The computational results you present in your Report will be stored in files that are are generated when you run your Analysis Scripts, which save them in the Results/ folder. When you adopt a copy-and-paste workflow, you will copy output from these files and paste it into your Report at the appropriate places (wherever you want the Results to appear).

When you have finished writing the Report, save it in .pdf format.

Naming the Report

You may name the document Report.pdf, or choose a sensible alternative, such as:

  • ChrisNguyenSeniorThesis.pdf
  • CNguyenLabExercise3.pdf
  • IncomeInequalityPaper.pdf