Instructional Faculty

Rochester Institute of Technology

My teaching and research has always been interdisciplinary and has I have been primarily responsible for teaching statistics, mathematics and econometrics. I currently focus on teaching and curriculum development for statistical and data literacy in this digital age. The availability of data, the increased sophistication of the tools of data analysis along with substantial improvements in the ease of use of data analysis tools requires a fundamental rethinking of the teaching of statistics and data science in general and in the general curriculum in particular. TIER is an important part of that and I am delighted that I was able to become part of this network as I continue my work. I am currently classroom testing my attempts to incorporate TIER into the statistics/data science curriculum.

This file contains the slides a prepared for my presentation “The View from the Trenches: Teaching Introductory Statistics in a Digital World” on a Statistics Education Panel at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Baltimore, January 2019. This is a presentation I am happy to give at any appropriate venue I can afford to attend. I believe we have the ability to fundamentally change the world for the better with a more democratically distributed access to the tools for understanding reality and I am happy to be part of being a part of the change I want to see in the world.