Assistant Professor of Economics

Smith College

Simon is an Assistant Professor in Economics at Smith College. Simon earned a BA in Economics and English literature, B. Com (Hons) in Economics, M. Comm in Economics and MA in Creative Writing (Poetry) at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Simon completed his PhD in Economics at the University of Siena, Italy. Prior to his PhD, Simon worked on the Quality of Life Survey of Land Reform for the World Bank and Southern African Labour and Development Research Unit. Simon is co-author, with Samuel Bowles and Duncan Foley of the forthcoming intermediate microeconomics textbook Coordination, Conflict and Competition: A Text in Microeconomics. Simon’s research focuses on experimental and behavioral economics, where he has worked on preferences for autonomy and control-aversion, social preferences, rating systems, gender and risk. Before Smith, Simon worked as a lecturer in economics at the University of Cape Town and at Royal Holloway, University of London. At Smith, Simon teaches a seminar in the Political Economy of Development in Africa (all students write an empirical paper using Stata), Behavioral Economics (students do team projects with data analysis and visualization in R and RMarkdown), and a course in economic development (students do a team project where they learn to analyze data in MS Excel/Google Spreadsheets or their preferred statistical package).