Associate Professor of Economics Education

University of Bristol

Simon Halliday is an Associate Professor of Economics Education in the School of Economics at the University of Bristol, UK. He was previously an assistant professor of economics at Smith College, MA, USA; a lecturer at Royal Holloway, University of London, and lecturer at the University of Cape Town. He teaches intermediate microeconomics, behavioral economics, development economics, the political economy of African development, introductory statistics and econometrics, and introductory microeconomics. He performs research in behavioral and experimental economics, with a focus on social preferences (reciprocity and social norms) and institutions (ratings, punishment, communication). He also conducts work in applied microeconomics and data science in economics, such as a recent paper applying machine learning to a corpus of economics texts. He has a strong interest in research in economics education, particularly with respect to data literacy, data analysis, R and more. He is the co-author (with Sam Bowles) of a forthcoming intermediate microeconomics textbook Microeconomics: Competition, Conflict and Coordination.

PhD: University of Siena, Italy, 2007-12

MA (Creative Writing: Poetry), University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa, 2006-7

M. Comm (Economics), UCT, 2005-6

B. Com (Hons, Economics), UCT, 2004

B. Soc. Sci (Economics & English Literature), UCT, 2001-2003