Assistant Professor of Statistics

Elon University

I received my Master’s in Environmental Science and Ph.D. in Statistical Studies from Indiana University Bloomington. While in my Ph.D. program, I assisted Dr. Scott Long with his reproducibility class. This led to assisting Scott during an ICPSR workshop on reproducibility. Later, I had the opportunity to teach the reproducibility course (and other intro stats courses) at IU.

My research falls broadly into two areas: environmental statistics and spatial statistics. In environmental statistics, I use a statistical lens to improve methodology and analysis in areas such as tree-ring analysis and marine ecosystems. My current work in spatial and spatio-temporal statistics is creating new, more flexible methods for making predictions on a sphere.

I'm increasingly interested in how to develop reproducibility in undergraduate curriculum. In particular, I think reproducibility should start immediately in intro classrooms and be woven into the rest of the curriculum. I presented my ideas on intro classrooms at the 2021 TIER Symposium on Instruction in Reproducible Research. Additionally, I'm developing a stand-alone reproducibility and data ethics course at Elon University, which is scheduled to pilot during our Winter Term in 2022.