Associate Director for Research

Institution for Social and Policy Studies, Yale University

My work focuses on how sharing and preserving research data align with the ideals of scientific reproducibility and transparency. I take a comprehensive approach, which means I'm involved in efforts to shape policies, standards, technologies, and practices. At ISPS, I've led the creation of a specialized research data archive (the ISPS Data Archive), a digital repository for research produced by scholars affiliated with ISPS with a focus on experimental design and methods. The Archive is a pioneer in implementing the practice of pre-publication computational reproducibility and analysis verification. I am a co-founder of the Curation for Reproducibility (CURE) Consortium, with colleagues from Cornell and the University of North Carolina. The CURE Consortium promotes practices that facilitate the digital preservation of the evidence base necessary for future understanding, evaluation, and reproducibility of scientific claims. At Yale, I'm involved in campus-wide efforts relating to research data management, sharing, and preservation, and have spearheaded policy development on these issues, including serving a two-year term as a Research and Data Specialist at the Office of the Provost (2016-2018). I also serve on a number of national and international advisory and task force groups working on data curation and research transparency, and sit on the board of the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research.

Previous to my work at Yale, I was Associate Professor (clinical) at the Medill School of Journalism with an appointment in the Department of Communication Studies at Northwestern University. My research focused on the media’s role in democracy and in public opinion formation, and I taught courses on communication theory, public opinion, media and society, the future of the media, and statistics for journalists. Between 2000-2008 I was Research Director at Northwestern University’s Media Management Center and Readership Institute, focusing on applied research in the areas of media audience, content, and management strategy.

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