Assistant Professor in the Department of Global and Community Health

George Mason University

Jenna teaches three graduate-level statistics courses for Master of Public Health students, ranging from introductory biostatistics to advanced data analysis.  She teaches in SAS, Stata, and R, and she is interested in developing approaches to facilitate teaching reproducibility using each program.  Her research interests are in environmental biostatistics, specifically estimating health effects associated with source-specific air pollution.  

Jenna earned a B.A. summa cum laude at George Mason University, with majors in Mathematics and Dance, and a Ph.D. in Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins University.

AS A TIER FELLOW... Jenna plans to use the three-course graduate sequence in data analysis and biostatistics she teaches to develop a “pipeline for reproducibility education”—beginning with a sequence of exercises to accompany the OpenIntro textbook, followed by exercises aimed at more advanced graduate students, and culminating in a semester-long project in reproducible data analysis.  She also plans to develop a training video for instructors wishing to adopt a similar approach to teaching reproducible research methods.  Another major goal for the year is to develop a reproducibility protocol for students and researchers using R Markdown and/or Stata’s new Markdown functionality (available in Stata version 15).