Professor of Economics

California State University, Fresno

I attended the 2016 Project TIER workshop where I learned about the TIER principles and the resources available. As an active member of Project TIER, I have implemented aspects of the TIER curriculum in my courses and have worked on adapting it to my institution teaching setting; I have also shared my experience with the TIER principles in the classroom with like-minded colleagues. For example, I was a presenter at the Project TIER "Faculty Development Workshop: Teaching Transparent Methods of Empirical Research" (UCLA, March 2018). I also presented the paper, "Enhancing students' appreciation for reproducibility and transparency in an Introduction to Econometrics class" at a TIER organized-session ("Promoting Transparency in Undergraduate Empirical Research") at CTREE (May 2018). My interest on transparency and reproducibility also extends to my research. I recently published a replication and extension of a seminal paper in Energy Economics ("Recent drivers of oil price volatility: Revisiting and extending Kilian's (2009) findings" with Gil Kim (in press, Energy Economics)).