Associate Teaching Professor of Chemistry

Academic & Student Affairs Teaching Fellow, in the Center for Teaching & Learning

University of Washington

I am a computational chemist by training, but I went into teaching after finishing my PhD. I have been a faculty member in the UW Chemistry department since 2009, first as a lecturer, now as an associate teaching professor. My current research involves assessing the efficacy of various teaching interventions in my large-lecture general chemistry courses, with a particular focus on cohorts of students who have been historically underserved by higher education. I have implemented the TIER Protocol in my undergraduate research group, and I am also working with the Center for Teaching & Learning and eScience Institute at UW to implement a TIER Hub at our institution, in order to increase awareness of the TIER Protocol for faculty who teach courses under the broad umbrella of data science. When I am not learning R or teaching general chemistry, I am walking around Seattle listening to podcasts, and experiencing "cute aggression" towards my adorable 4.5-lb chihuahua, Kira.