Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Social Sciences

Deputy Director of PGR at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Co-Director of the Migration Research Group

University of Sheffield

Aneta Piekut is Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Social Sciences at the Sheffield Methods Institute, the University of Sheffield. She completed her PhD in sociology at the University of Warsaw in 2009. Aneta holds a position of Faculty PGR Deputy Director and she is responsible for overseeing methods training programme for PhD students in the Faculty of Social Sciences. She is an active member of the Sheffield Reproducibility Network, which is a part of the UK Reproducibility Network. In the Sheffield Methods Institute Aneta teaches introductory and advanced undergraduate methods courses, such as survey design and data collection, statistical literacy, mixed-method research and how to replicate an academic paper. In her teaching she encourages students to critically reflect on why and how they apply different methods, how to develop a robust, transparent and reproducible inquiry, which is not disconnected from discipline-specific knowledge.

Aneta’s research interests include international migration and inter-ethnic relations, spatial segregation, and public opinion formation. In 2017 she received the SAGE Prize for Innovation and Excellence awarded by the British Sociological Association for a paper on prejudice in Poland, which was published in the British flagship journal Sociology. Recently, she was appointed a Co-Director of Migration Research Group in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Her current research projects are: ‘Life at the Frontier (LATF): Researching the Impact of Social Frontiers on the Social Mobility and Integration of Migrants’ (funded by Nordforsk and the Economic and Social Research Council) and Horizon2020 knowledge exchange project ‘Migration, Integration and Governance Research Centre’ (MIGREC). Aneta’s interest in international migration is also methodological and she studies the mechanisms of item nonresponse to questions measuring attitudes to immigration in cross-national surveys.