The DRESS (Documenting Research in the Empirical Social Sciences) Protocol is a set of standards for replication documentation that embodies the same principles that underlie the TIER Protocol.  The DRESS Protocol, however, is tailored to suit the purposes of professional researchers, rather than for use by students during their research training.  Some elements of the TIER Protocol that serve purely pedagogical purposes are omitted from the DRESS Protocol, and other elements that are typically not relevant to student projects have been added.  

The DRESS Protocol is consistent with most journal policies and other existing guidelines for documentation of empirical research, but includes some additional features.  In particular, it explicitly discusses the purposes for which replication documentation can be used and enumerates several principles to which documentation must adhere if it is to serve those purposes effectively.  The DRESS Protocol also provides more structure and detail than is found elsewhere; this greater structure is intended to give authors who are preparing the documentation for their papers a clearer idea of what is expected, and to help readers who are interested in reproducing a study know what they will find when they begin exploring the replication documentation.

Version 1.0 of the DRESS protocol is available for download.